Randament/Yield – The procentage ratio between the profit generated by an investement and the value of the invested capital.

Randament brut anualizat/Gross annual yield – The yield on an investment before the deduction of taxes and expenses. Gross yield is expressed in percentage terms. It is calculated as the annual return on an investment prior to taxes and expenses divided by the current price of the investment.

Randament net anualizat obligatiune/Gross yield – Gross yield after the deduction of taxes and commissions.

Randamentul activelor/Asset performance – A business’s ability to take productive resources and manage them within its operations to produce subsequent returns. Asset performance is typically used to compare one company’s performance over time or against its competition. Possessing strong asset performance is one of the criteria for determining whether a company is considered a good investment.

Randamentul profitului net/Net Profit Yield – The ratio between the net profit of the company and its turnover of the same period. An increase in the profit yield indicates either a cost reduction, or the increase in profits from other activities, such as financial or exceptional.

Raport Pret/Profit (Lei)/Price Earning Ratio (PER)  The Price Earning Ratio is a ratio which compares the share price to the profit per company share. The PER is a criterion often used by analysts.

Rata cupon/Coupon Rate  The annual interest rate expressed as a percentage of the current par value of a bond principal or nominal value of a coupon Treasury bond. It is used to determine the coupon value.

Rata dobanzii/Interest rate  A fee paid on borrowed assets. It is the price paid for the use of borrowed money, or, money earned by deposited funds.

Registru central de tranzactii/Trade repository – A legal person that centrally collects and maintains the records of derivatives.

Registru independent privat/Independend private record – Legal person authorized by F.S.A./R.N.S.C. to keep the record of the ownership rights of securities holders for issuers whose securities are traded on a organized securities market.

Risc/Risk – The probability that a particular investment or speculative trade generate loss due to the unpredictable and volatile evolution of the price; the systematic risk or the market risk is the risk that affects all the traded assets; the unsystematic risk or the specific risk of the company is related to the traded product and has an insignificant influence on the other assets’price.

Rollover  The changing of a futures contract when they expire in a new one.