Acquisitions and disposals


We provide independent advice and support to help conclude the right deal, at the right time, and for the right price.

Acquisitions Researche

● assist in formulating acquisition strategy and criteria

● search for companies that meet acquisition criteria

● screen and shortlist the best prospects

● match known buyers of companies with known sellers, using a variety of databases.

Approach to Targets

● identify interesting opportunities, such as non-core businesses within both large and small companies, and under-performing public companies

● formulate approach strategies

● arrange introductions.

Acquisition Advice

● formulate negotiation strategies

● provide preliminary views on valuation and restructuring opportunities

● advise on tactics and the framework.

Negotiation Support

● lead negotiations throughout the transaction process

● provide technical support on financial issues and valuation during negotiation.

Transaction Execution

● manage transaction process by proactive coordination with all parties involved the transaction including purchaser, seller, auditors, lawyers, and financial advisors

● ensure execution efficiency to meet tight deal schedule

● facilitate close of transaction.

We offer timely advice so that all options are considered.

Disposal Strategies

● determine the likely buyers for the business

● assess key deal issues

● offer valuation guidelines.

Approach to Potential Purchasers

● compile a list of potential purchasers for your business from extensive research and review

● refine this list down to a core group, providing you with an analysis of each party

● send the relevant documentation to the target buyers.