Conflict of interest

The company takes all the precautions measures so that the conflict of interest situations between the company, including managers, employees, agents or any other person found in a direct or indirect control position in the company, and company’s clients or between two of the company’s clients, or any other combination of the situations above, are identified and then prevented and managed in such case that the clients’ interests won’t be affected.

The organizational chart of the company as to the Internal Organizational Regulations, assures the separation of the deployed activities. Access to confidential information is limited only to those who use the information in their current activity.

The company’s management establishes the staff with access to different categories of information contained by the informational system, the person responsible with the system’s security (using passwords and changing them periodically).

The company does not conclude transactions on its own, in the account of relevant persons, or in the account of third parties, or interested clients on a base of  information that have not yet become public and which could influence the market price, information which it’s employees knew during their activity.

The company will provide financial investment services as a counterpart of the client, or on behalf of the client towards is, direct or indirect, in a conflict of interests, considering inclusively the interests that derive from trades within the group the company is a part of, only if the nature and the expense of his interest are revealed to the client, either in writing or by phone and only if the client greed to conclude a transaction in the given conditions. The notification to the client and the client’s agreement must be registered by the S.S.I.F., inclusively on magnetic support if the communication is made by phone.

Note: Any further details regarding the conflict of interests policy will be at the clients’ disposal at any moment, on request, on a durable reliance.