IPO services

servicii-ipoObtaining a Stock Exchange listing is a natural evolution for most successful private companies, as the benefits can be considerable.

We are able to advice on the feasibility and opportunity of a listing, and assist on evaluating the available options.

By leveraging our expertise and experience in the industry, we can provide our clients the professional services encompassing:

Due diligence

● examine the businesses in the Group

● identify major issues which are possible hurdles to the listing

● review the client’s past financial performance and discuss issues on the accounting reports.

Pre-IPO restructuring

● advise the listing process, regulations and major issues to the clients

● review the current corporate structure of the Group and advise on an effective structure for the purpose of listing

● assist in the financial planning and restructuring for potential equity, debt and/or other types of fund raising opportunities.

Business plan

● assist to assess and modify the existing business models with a view to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency

● circulate the business plans to potential investors and business partners to boost the profile of clients.

Strategic and/or financial investors

● identify suitable strategic and/or financial investors for potential investments or business co-operations

● assist in negotiation and reviewing of the terms and structure of the investment.

Ongoing monitoring and supervision

● assist to monitor the business development and operations, internal controls and corporate governance on an ongoing basis

● provide timely access and advisory support to the clients

● ensure that the normal course of business and the track record are able to comply with the listing rules for the purpose of listing.

Secondary offerings

Becoming a listed company is a key step in its development.  Subsequent expansion will be funded by way of rights issues, open or other and placements.  We can assist in managing these secondary market opperations, preparing the relevant documentation, dealing with the regulators and working with underwriters and brokers.