Emisiune/Issue  The operation by which securities of the same type and class are offered for subscription by issuers to the potential investors. All securities of the same type and grade issued by an issuer on a certain date.

Emisiune individuala de produse structurate/Individual issue of structured products  Part of the structured products uniquely identified through the ISIN code, issued in compliance with the basis prospectus of the Issuer and the completing documents of the respective prospectus.

Emitent/Issuer – The entity with or without legal status that issued, issues or plans to issue financial instruments.

Entitati reglementate/Regulated entities  Natural and legal persons as well as entities with no legal personality whose activity is regulated and/or supervised by F.S.A./R.N.S.C.

EPS/Earnings per Share  Earnings that a shareholder gets from holding a stock to a company. It is recommended that the value to be larger.

Executarea ordinelor in numele clientilor/Execution of orders on behalf of clients  Acting to conclude agreements to buy or sell one or more financial instruments on behalf of clients.

Exercitare/Exercise – Exercise of an option on a futures contract means the acquisition of eigher a long or short interest on the underlying futures contract of the option – a long futures interest if a CALL option is execised or a short futures interest if a PUT option is execised.

Externalizare/Outsourcing  An arrangement of any form between an investment firm and a service provider by which that service provider performs a process, a service or an activity which would otherwise be undertaken by the investment firm itself.