Chairman’s message

mesajul-presedinteluiInvestment philosophy

“When you fight your own conscience and you are defeated, than you have won!” is the assumption of nurturing your own character. I could not accept a place within this live mechanism called stock if I would lose my dignity. Nothing matters more than humanity and I believe that, in order to become a toreador, you must first learn to be a bull!

Building TRUST is our business. I must thank my colleagues, my partners, the shareholders for I am well aware of the fact that all major achievements are nothing but team efforts. We’ve been celebrating success at all levels as I’ve been encouraging early and honest communication with my staff – our greatest asset.

This year is about continuing our already tradition in value oriented services. This is how we grew as a significant company in Romania and our plans are quite ambitious for the years to come. We have started climbing the stairs of success and we shall not stop until we reach the top! And even then, I promise you, we’ll think about it!

Adrian Simionescu