Data cupon/Coupon Date – The calendar day when the issuer must pay a coupon and/or a quota of the principal (or the nominal value, for the treasury bonds), to the bond holders or to the treasury bonds holders, at the reference date (corresponding to a bond or a treasury bond) established for the respective bond.

Data de emisiune/Issue Date  The date at which interest begins to accrue, corresponding to the first coupon payment of a bond (the date at which the bond was issued).

Data de inregistrare/Registration date  The calendar day established by the General Shareholders Meeting, which serves to the identification of the shareholders that follows to benefit from dividends or other rights and on which the effects of the GSM decisions are reflected.

Data de referinta/Reference date  The calendar day established by the company’s Board of Directors, for the purpose of identifying the shareholders which  have the right to attend the AGM and voting rights. The reference date shall follow the AGM convocation announcement.

Data decontarii/The settlement date – Is the date on which the obligations registred with the Central Depository become due and are resulting from the transaction in the trading systems, namely the obligation to deliver financial instruments and the payment of fund obligations.

Data ex/Ex Date  The transaction day within the BSE. It is the date as of when the buyers of a share no longer benefit from rights associated with it and the effects of the Annual General Meeting’s decisions no longer impact on them.

Data ex-cupon (pentru obligatiuni)/Ex-coupon Date (for bonds)  The settlement date of the concluded transactions through the BSE system; starting with this day the buyers of a bond no longer benefit from the payment of the current coupon and/or a quote of the principal. The ex-coupon date is the working date immediately following the reference day and indicates the beginning of the ex-coupon period. Ex-coupon dates are established for each coupon period, except the period of the last coupon.

Data expirarii/Expiration date – Month and day of the year to whom or which may exercise an optioninstead.

Data maturitatii/Maturity date  For the allotment rights represents the date upon which the rights no longer exist, by registration of the new shares with the Central Depository.

Data scadentei/Expiration date 1  Day of the month and year when the obligations of the closed transactions on the stock markets must be executed.

Data scadentei/Expiration date 2  For bonds, represents the last coupon date of a bond. Upon this date the payment of the last coupon and/or the integral value or the remaining value of the principal becomes due.

Data scadentei/Expiration date 3  For treasury bonds, it represents the date upon which becomes due the payment obligation for the nominal value of a zero coupon treasury bond or represents the last coupon date of a treasury bond with interest when the payment of the last coupon and of the nominal value becomes due.

Date de identificare/Identification data – For natural persons: first name and surname, citizenship, date and place of birth, personal numerical code (PNC) or its equivalent, in the case of foreign citizens, series and number of the identity document or, in the case of foreign citizens, of the passport, domicile and, as appropriate, residence (full address – street, number, block, entrance, floor, apartment, city, county/sector, postal code, country); for legal persons: name, full address of registered office/head office or, as appropriate, branch, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, website, subscribed and paid up capital, Single Registration Code (SRC) or its equivalent in the case of foreign legal persons and the IBAN code.

Deal/Deal  The tender offer of buying or selling of a specified number of financial instruments, which is directly transmitted by an exchange tied agent (initiator) towards another exchange tied agent (counterparty). The identity of the two exchange tied agents is not known by the rest of the Participants.

Dealer/Dealer – Person or a firm in the business of acting as a counterpart to foreign currency transactions. Typically, a dealer buys for his or her own account and sells to a customer from the dealer’s inventory.

Depozitarul Central/Central Depository  A legal entity founded and authorized by the F.S.A./R.N.S.C. in accordance with Law no. 297/2004 and R.N.S.C. Regulation no. 13/2005 regarding the authorization and functioning of the central depository, the clearing houses and the central counterparties, subject to amendments. A written contract exists between a Central Depository and the BSE.

Dividend/Dividends – Periodic distribution of earnings that a company pays to its shareholders. Dividends are paid in cash, additional packages of shares or both.

Dobanda acumulata/Accrued interest  A quota of the current coupon value accumulated since the last interest payment day, measured as the difference between the issuing date or the last coupon day, included, up to, but not including, the settlement day. The accrued interest is expressed as a percentage of the current value of the bond’s principal/ the nominal value of the Treasury bond. For bonds, the accrued interest may be both positive and negative.

Dobanda acumulata negativa/Negative accrued interest  The accrued interest corresponding to the remaining days of this coupon, as of the settlement date (inclusive) up to the coupon payment date (exclusive).

Dobanda acumulata pozitiva/Positive accrued interest  The accrued interest corresponding to the number of days passed as of the issue for the first coupon date or the previous coupon date (inclusive) up to the settlement date (exclusive).

Drept la vot/Right to vote – The inalienable right of the common shares’ owners to express their opinion through vote, in the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Dreptul de preferinta/Pre-emptive right  The negociable security which incorporates the holder right to prority underwriting of shares within a share capital increase, proportional to  number of rights held on underwriting date, within a determined period of time. Pre-emptive rights are granted to all the shareholders registered with the issuer’s register on the registration date, irrespective of their participation in the issuer’s General Shareholders Meeting or the vote given regarding the share capital increase.