Our Services S.S.I.F. VIENNA Investment Trust S.A. is authorized by the Romanian National Securities Commission Decision no. 1451/16.08.2007, to perform the following services:

1. Core services (investment services and activities):
a) taking over and submitting the orders regarding one or several financial instruments;
b) performing orders on behalf of the clients;
c) transaction on own account;
d) portofolios` management;
e) investment advice;

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BVB The Bucharest Stock Exchange role is to provide a marketplace for securities trading, to enhance liquidity of securities by concentrating a large volume of asking and bidding on the market, to form fair prices that appropriately reflect such ask-bid relationship, and to distribute such prices to the public.

The main service offered by VIENNA Investment Trust is buying and selling stocks of companies listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange and RASDAQ market. If you want to invest on the stock market, you cannot do this directly, but only through an authorized Financial Investment Firm.

If you wish to start trading with VIENNA Investment Trust, the following steps will be taken:
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Sibex In order to approach the trading mechanism of the futures contracts on SIBEX market, it is highly necessary to understand the term of "futures contract", with all the implications that trading futures contracts have on the parties.

The futures contract is an agreement between a seller and a buyer to sell/buy a specific quantity of goods with delivery at a future date called "settlement date" and at a presently negotiated price, all constricted to standard specifications.

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Operatiuni Corporate For a company, becoming listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE), although being a lengthy process, can raise serious capital. It is very important that this kind of financing is cheaper than a bank credit.

Beside buying and selling shares and bonds, which are well known by the majority of population, the stock market can bring other services to companies, even to unlisted ones. Financing through the stock market is simple: the company offers for sale its shares or bonds for raising the necessary capital.

One of the main advantages of a company that decides to sell shares or bonds through the market is self-sufficiency. In other words, the company itself sets the terms and conditions for borrowing money, which must be agreed by potential investors. So the company sets the price and number of shares it wants to sell.
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Divizia Verde VIENNA Investment Trust is a financial services company with almost 20 years experience in this field. We are specialized in middling equities and derivatives listed on regulated markets. We have become involved in ambitious projects concerning emissions and environmental markets, becoming the first Romanian financial services company member of an exchange trading these allowances.

14,000 installations fall under the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) starting 1 January 2005. The purpose of this Scheme, which is one of the important elements of the EU to comply with the Kyoto Protocol, is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Member States by keeping in check the biggest CO2 emitters, from each state.

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Tarife si comisioane For dealing transactions and operating positions with the Registry/Depositary, the Client owes the intermediary the fees specified in the appendix to the contract; these may be amended only by written agreement of the parties and include commissions, taxes, fees and other costs imposed by the RNSC and/or other public authorities or institutions of the capital or monetary market in connection to the execution, clearing and settlement of transactions on the respective market and are included in the final cost of the transaction.

In case there is no agreed commission for executing an instruction, the parties will establish the commission for the transaction before its execution or, on Client`s request, the intermediary will execute the transaction and subsequently the Client will be notified on the charged commission.

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